New Years Resolution – April

This month was my pick of the movie to watch with my brother Jeff. In keeping with the water theme from last month, I chose The Shape of Water.


I really knew nothing about the movie except that there were a number of awards and some of it was filmed in Hamilton. But it qualified in the ‘had to be something about water’ department. (see the New Years Resolution – March post)

I had not even read the summary.

Elisa is a mute, isolated woman who works as a cleaning lady in a hidden, high-security government laboratory in 1962 Baltimore. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab’s classified secret — a mysterious, scaled creature from South America that lives in a water tank. As Elisa develops a unique bond with her new friend, she soon learns that its fate and very survival lies in the hands of a hostile government agent and a marine biologist.


We settled in to watch.

I did enjoy the movie. There were a couple of plot points that made us go – ‘nope, now I don’t believe you’ and it wasn’t about the water creature that was found. As kids we are told to ‘turn off the tap before you flood the place’ and it looks like the grownups were right. Uncareful bathroom tap turnoff-ing can result in disaster.

It looked like a realistic portrayal of the 1960s and I loved seeing our City Hall in the one scene. There was a fair amount of tension in the plot. There were good guys and bad guys and standing up for what is right and even an inter-species love story. We thought it was going to have a disappointing ending but – no – the ending was all wrapped up in a nice (if not wet) bow.

We thought that it was not a GREAT movie but the point is that we watch a movie together and see if we can get something out of it and for that, it succeeded.

Looking forward to next month and seeing what movie Jeff will pick.



Well, that’s a weighty topic, isn’t it? Much more complicated than babbling on about walking around Hamilton. At church for Lent, we were encouraged to think about our sin and a visible reminder was handed out for those interested in participating. A piece of twine. Some chose to put theirs on their key rings or around their purse handle. It was long enough to tie around my wrist. It was going to help me be mindful of sin.


As it was, I was giving up carbonated beverages for Lent but this was going to be a constant reminder because my Garmin step tracker is always on my wrist.

It actually took quite a bit of work to tie it on. Too tight – then too loose. One knot was not enough and I had to tie multiple knots to keep it from undoing itself. A little bit like how sin is often intentional and actually takes effort, unfortunately.

And the twine really stuck out and scratched at my wrist so I trimmed it a bit. Maybe because then I might not have to answer uncomfortable questions from people who want to know why my fashion sense now consists of hay bale accessories.


And when I decided to take a picture of it I was confronted with pride. I could have taken it at the end of my day when the step count was only 1845 but if I was going to take a picture of my steps I would take a picture after I had taken a long walk. Pride.

I take my step tracker off when I sleep and I wish that sin could be as easily removed from my life. “Happy to say I left sin on the night table today” But it doesn’t work that way.

My granddaughter attends the same church as we do and saw my piece of twine.
She asked, “Is that to remind you of your sin?”
My answer was, “Yes, yes it does.”
Her reply was, “the twine just reminds me of crafts.”  : )

At the end of this little experiment, I will undo the twine and it will be easier to forget to be mindful of sin. I will begin to drink carbonated beverages again (hooray) but I do hope that I will not forget to confront my arrogance or ignorance, my pride or my greed,  or my anger or envy. Instead, I wish to be more kind and loving, generous and giving, as well as gentle and content. I think that the world would be a better place if we could all do thusly.

Confessions of a Street Walker – part 11

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last four years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

I try to be observant when I am out walking especially when I am in a previously unexplored area. I was out for a walk the other day and came across a mystery.
One that stopped me in my tracks.
I might say it left me speechless but anyone who knows me – knows that speechlessness does not often happen to me.
This is what I saw in the ditch.


Now, this puzzled me. What an odd formation of ice. How did it get that shape? What were those odd pointy marks on the top right of the ice?

I had to walk a bit further to finally figure out that the culvert had a build up of ice and, with a bit of a thaw, the ice escaped the culvert and slid downstream in the ditch with the sole purpose of perplexing me.


So, mystery solved.

The second mystery was equally perplexing. I wish I had taken a picture but I didn’t and since a picture is worth a thousand words we will see how many I will need to explain this to you.

After a significant snowfall, I noticed that there were strips of snow stuck to a long fence.

Snow on the fence

It was similar to the fence in the photograph above except the snow was a solid horizontal stripe covering about two feet off the ground to about four feet off the ground. The rest of the fence was bare.

This perplexed me. How in the heck did that snow get there?

Why was it so much higher than the rest of the snow all around it? Were kids throwing snowballs at the fence in an amazingly accurate manner to create a solid strip of snow?  I pictured hordes of children lining up just to stick the snow to the fence just to mystify me. Why would the bottom and tops halves of the fence have no snow and the middle had snow solidly affixed to it? This had me wondering for days before I found out the answer.

When my hubby and I were going past the fence, I expressed my state of perplexity to my practical, commonsensical husband. He told me that the stripes were the result of large snowblowers blowing the snow at the fence.


Another mystery solved. It should not have confused me as much and as long as it did but I confess I am not always the brightest bulb in the chandelier.


New Years Resolution – March

Part Three of our New Years Resolution for 2019. So it was Movie Morning with Jeff today. I also got to meet their new puppy Tessa – a cute as a button bundle of fur – who apparently likes watching movies


For the first two movies, we ended up with the theme of sacrifice.
It was Jeff’s pick today and we watched The Big Blue.


We watched the longer version and it really was long. It was a good movie but there were a few plot holes that we thought you could swim a dolphin through and the ending was not typical. There were some funny scenes and some parts that the two of us can forever laugh at from watching the movie together
-the car painted red
-Momma and the pasta bowl with the recipe
-the Japanese diver and his breathing technique

We also had some fun conversations during the movie
he was naked – no, he wasn’t
yes, he was – no, he wasn’t
yes, he was – you’re right, he was

So the next pick is mine and to keep with a theme it will take some thought.

We could watch Free Willy for a ‘save the marine animal by taking it out of captivity and setting it free’ theme.

We could watch You Light Up My Life for a ‘un fairytale-like ending’.

We could watch Waterworld because there is a lot of water in the movie.

We could watch a 13 episode TV series from the late 1970s The Man From Atlantis for all of the ‘underwater breath holding’ that was happening.

Hmm, decisions decisions…stay tuned.

Stealth Art #5

So the Stealth Artist has been at it again. Our dear friend Fred spent some time as the Interim President of Redeemer University College. During his reign, he was subjected to a number of jabs and barbs regarding his elevated status from some of us that bordered on mockerage. This all he took in stride.

When I discovered that he never did sit for a presidential portrait I thought it was something that had to be rectified. So the Artist Anita went into stealth mode once again.  This time I tackled a mixed medium art portrait and the results were…well…plaid.

Fred found a place next to the other presidential portraits where he spent countless hours watching the goings-on that were going on.


This is the blurb which was displayed next to the art.

Stealth Art by Artist Anita
Installment 5 in a 3 part series

Redeemer University College has a long history 
of highlighting emerging artists 
and is overjoyed, if not a little confused, 
to present this mixed medium art piece entitled:

Interimial Presidential Portraiture
Fred & his Presidential Robe

Fred Verwoerd’s humbleness 
prevented him from sitting 
for an official portrait 
during his time as 
Interim President of 
Redeemer University College 
but this local artist feels that 
Fred’s place in history 
should be noted, 
yea verily, 
it should be celebrated.

After hanging in the hallowed halls of learning for a good deal of time. Fred was removed today. All art has its time and Fred’s place in the limelight was over.

Thank goodness Fred is good at forgiving.

New Years Resolution – February

I have a New Years Resolution with my brother Jeff. We will meet monthly in 2019 to watch a movie together. We alternate movie choices.

This month it was my choice and I picked Gran Torino. I haven’t seen it in a while but thought it had an especially good ending. I am not a huge fan of typical Clint Eastwood movies but this one was very well done. His character reminded me a little bit of Archie Bunker.


Jeff said he liked it as well.


The language was a little over the top for my taste but not out of line with the characters.


So the theme of the first two movies ended up being a character who sacrificed for the good of others. In Sling Blade the sacrifice was freedom and in Gran Torino the sacrifice was life itself.



New Years Resolution 2019 – January

My brother Jeff came up with a pretty neat idea for a New Years Resolution.
Yeah, yeah, I know, new years resolutions are usually things that you end up failing at doing within a month or two (if you are lucky).

But Jeff asked if I wanted to get together with him once a month and watch a movie together. We each get to pick the movie we want to watch every other month. It should be a good movie but, then again, a good movie designation can be debatable. We could follow a list but, then again, which list?


We started with the January pick being Jeff’s choice and we watched Sling Blade.


It was one I had never seen and thought it was done really well.


We will see what I pick this month.