The Incredible Art Exhibition Part 3 of 3

Last spring I went down
to the McMaster Innovation building
to see some art.
I knew that my very talented cousin Arlene
had some of her beautiful art work on display there…

 But, what is that I see?

More art just around the corner

from Arlene’s beautiful display…


There it is! On the wall!

Why it is my very own art!

Quel suprize!

One of my art fans

must have contributed to the exhibition

without my knowledge…

So I thought that I had better pose with my work and its review

The review is posted below.


Here she goes again.

Anita Eleveld has, once again, created a masterpiece.

Titled “The Unchanging Moods of Apple”

Branching out her artistic horizons Anita has,
in this exhibition, tackled the ever challenging ‘Still Life’

Tree-ting her subject with ap-peel,
she is blossom-ing into a bud-ding artist.

We look forward to the harvest of future endeavours.

The pick of the crop, McMaster is proud
(if not slightly confused)
to display this work of art.


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