Books Read in 2017

My 2017 Book Review.


Always loved reading this book. It is a hard subject but it is also a story of hope.



An Oprah Book Club. A classic. I remember I thought it was good but I can remember very little of it.



Another Oprah Book Club choice. OY but it was a slog.

I read all the words but I would get to a section and think

‘What in the heck is he talking about?’



The author came to our Writing Class and talked to us about writing and read a section of his book. It was based in Hamilton I really enjoyed it.



Recommended by Kathleen Kelly of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ fame. A children’s book that was quite old fashioned but it was a fun sort of way to acquaint myself with the author who wrote a number of ‘shoe books’.



Recommended by Kathy Herman, I took this out of the library. A very interesting read about how to be the most helpful in the philanthropic circles that permeate our society. It made me think and I do like books that make me think. (A little bit at least)



A book that I read as a teenager. Loved it then and love it now. A very good historical novel that tells a story of love and it’s hardships in the Canadian north in the 1800’s. I will probably read it again.



The sequel to Mrs. Mike. While some of the characters were familiar the book did not have quite the flow of the original. Then again, the first one was pretty hard to beat. Still a good read.



What can I say? I spend time in the bathroom. A little too squeaky clean is some places but rather informative. The humour is a little … lame.



Always have liked the ‘Chicken Soup fot the Soul’ series and they are slogging away at creating a book out of anything they can. But I did enjoy it. Encouraging and not usually too saccharine.


Always like Max Lucado. Never disappoints.



Like her teaching but this seemed like just another way to say the same thing that she always says. But a good read. A little repetitive.



Pretty good.



A great idea that she took too long to express and quite self serving. But a book that I learned from.



Can’t go too wrong with Dr. Dobson. Always a good read.



Oh, my what a good book. It was a good movie too and I will not look at chocolate pie the same way again. Great characters. Mmm Mmmm



Went to a ‘reading’ at the library. LOVED this book. Paul is a Spectator columnist who I very much enjoy. He can make me laugh but he can also make me cry. I want to write just like him. I will be reading this one again.



Almost made me want to get a cat. But not quite. A good read.



Read the sequel before the original. How daring am I? Mostly the same sort of stuff.



Ended the year with another Dobson book. Sort of a ‘best of’.  A really good read. He is a great impart-er of wisdom.


We will see what 2018 brings for me to read.

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