One Of My Favourite Phone Conversations…Ever

I am not a real gabber when it comes to the phone but we gave up our land-line a few years ago and now I hardly ever get phone calls and that is quite OK with me. It took a while but I finally figured how to answer my cell phone. I changed the settings so that I don’t have to swipe but press a button to answer the phone. I never did get a hang of swiping and I hung up on too many phone calls just trying to answer the thing. I am still not overly comfortable using a cell phone.


I see people talking on their cell phones all the time. When I am walking or when I am in the store or at the bus stop – all over. They are everywhere, having very important conversations, I am sure. Well, that was me the other day. I was in Costco and my very important phone rang and I answered it. Right there in Costco. Just like all of the important people that I see getting their very important calls. It was the library reminding me that I had signed up for a class that was later that day and they did not want me to forget that I had signed up. How very thoughtful of them. I felt very hip and ‘with it’ after that call. “See, I too, am an important person and can get an important phone call” – I can say to anyone who asks.


I will relate to you one of my favourite phone calls. It was from my brother.

The phone rings and I pick it up.

Anita: Joldersma

Jeff: Anita, Jeff

Anita: Hi

Jeff: I have a couple of questions for you.

Anita: OK

Jeff: Is this a good time?

Anita: Yes

Jeff: Oh dear, was that one of my questions?

Anita: Yes


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