Let’s Clap Our Hands For The Princess

When I was a little girl my father
would put me on his shoulders
and he would parade me around the house.
We would go from room to room
and he would always carefully duck when we reached a doorway.

While he would parade me around the house
he would chant a Dutch phrase  “stinkende vlees te koop”

As a little girl I did not know what it meant.
I thought it meant that I was a princess.
The words didn’t change much during our march around the house.
But I just knew that my daddy was singing my praises.
I thought that if I would ever get the words translated
they would end up meaning something like this:
“Here I come with the princess, isn’t she beautiful?
Let us sing a song for the princess and clap our hands
and be happy for the princess”
And so our royal parade continued through my little girl years.

It wasn’t until many years later that I found out what the translation was.
Apparently my father marched me about the house chanting
“stinky meat for sale”

‘Nuff said?

One thought on “Let’s Clap Our Hands For The Princess

  1. My cousin Klaas sent me the rest of the words in Dutch : Er zijn niet meer woorden! Ik herinner me dat je dan liggend gedragen wordt, en niet zittend! Zoals een slager een groot stuk vlees op zijn schouders draagt! And Google translated it for me : There are no more words! I remember you being worn down, not sitting! Like a butcher wears a big piece of meat on his shoulders!


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