Where is that clicking coming from?

Quite a number of years back Martin got his first cell phone for work – a rugged flip phone that was the latest technology. It was not so easy to pour and finish concrete with a cell phone in his pocket but to leave it in the truck meant that he would be missing phone calls – some of them important ones.


So he started carrying his phone with him in his pants pocket. It was about that same time that he began to hear a strange clicking sound when he was working. Different job sites for different customers but this clicking sound would follow him around wherever he went. It was getting rather perplexing. He would hear it in the truck and when loading up tools and when troweling the cement. He wanted to find out the source of the mysterious clicking. He then found that his phone had a camera included among it’s many features. He began taking pictures of job sites and completed work. Then, after taking a handful of pictures he decided to try to find them. As he investigated his phone he discovered that he had a whole album full of pictures – 197 of them. When he checked them out he discovered that he had taken 5 pictures and the rest of them – 192 of them –  were taken of the inside of his pants pocket.


He wanted to keep the five pictures that he had taken on purpose and the rest he wanted to delete. He could delete them all at once or one at a time. Since he wanted to keep five pictures he once spent a good while deleting 192 pictures of the inside of his pocket.

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