My Daughter Karen’s Grandma’s Brother

While I am not a fanatic about watching the Olympics there are some rather thrilling memories for me of past Olympic games : Nadia Comaneci, the Canadian Men’s hockey team, Greg Louganis. I have an old friend who’s sister was in the luge many years ago. My sister-in-law’s sister was a coach of a Danish speed skater. Not quite a close connection.

Years ago we were watching Donovan Bailey racing across the finish line. My daughter Karen was probably still in grade school she was told, by one of her parents, that Donovan Bailey was related to us. Karen’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name is Bailey and so Karen was told that Donovan Bailey was her grandmothers brother thus leaving Karen with the realization that the great runner Donovan Bailey was also her great uncle. Karen went so far as to tell people at school of her famous relative.


Problem is that Grandma Eleveld (nee Bailey) doesn’t look very much like her brother.

donovan-bailey-7 (copy)

or does she??

200546_10150180718807625_674117624_8188374_752089_n (copy)

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