Just Some Towels


Mission Services in my hometown of Hamilton put out a call on Facebook requesting clean towels to help with their work with the homeless of Hamilton. They can provide showers for people to clean up but they were very low on towels. I went through a pile of some older, but entirely serviceable, towels that I had lying around and thought I would take some down earlier this week.

I inquired within and was directed to the proper door and a gentleman came out to collect my offering. He had such a grateful smile. One of the things he said was, “You really have to know just how much we really appreciate this. They will be put to such good use. Thank you so very much.”

I felt like I had done such a great thing for them – when really all I had done was declutter a little. Makes me want to help so much more when I see the gratitude with which my small gift was received.

And on a similar note. If you have old towels that are not quite so serviceable – maybe they are stained or a little raggedy – many cat rescues use them for kitten bedding. The cats do not seem to mind that they are not the prettiest towels.

Just reminding you that what you might be looking to get rid of can sometimes be so appreciated by someone somewhere.

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