How Else Could I Get To The Fence?

Children tend to exaggerate. Sometimes it runs in the family. But not always.

A number of years ago one of our daughters got part time work at the Mount Hope Airport for UPS and she would drive her father’s truck to and from work. It was the early shift – from 4am until 7am and being awake that early in the morning was not easy for her. One morning she came home after work and reported to us that her father’s truck had a little tiny eensy weensy ding on the front bumper. She had said that she had just touched a fence. We feared that she was understating the littleness of the ding so we checked the damage. Sure enough there was just a little ding. Phew.

A couple of weeks later I overheard her talking to friends about her mishap. It went something like this.
“I got a bunch of muscly guys to help and we got the truck out of the ditch in no time,” she had told them.
I walked up to them and asked her, “What truck and what ditch are you talking about?”
She said, “Dad’s truck – when I dinged the bumper.”
I said, “You mentioned the fence, you did not mention a ditch.”
She replied, “I hit some black ice, went through the stop sign and across two lanes and into a ditch…How else could I get to the fence?”

truck fence

Indeed. How else could she get to the fence?
She could have won a prize for understatement.

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