Stealth Art #4

This past Saturday I attended a reception for an art exhibit of a friend. Hank takes marvelous pictures but he also knows how to spruce them up and combine and manipulate them into works of art. I have long been in awe of his abilities. When I heard that he was going to have an exhibit, I was afraid that there was going to be a recurrence of  stealth art and Artist Anita would art once more.


One of the pieces at the exhibition featured our daughter Anne as she has been
a willing model for Hank on a number of occasions.

But what is that I spy?
Oh my, it looks like there is some more art on the wall.
It is just behind a post, next to the recycling containers.


Ah, it is. Artist Anita has been at it again.


Here she is posing with her masterpiece.

It had to be fast because it is, after all, stealth art.

A bit of a close up20180716_154242_HDR

20180716_154237_HDRc (1)

When will she strike next?

Only when the muse is awakened.

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