It has been a hectic September so far. I am wrapping up a huge project. Since September 2014 I have been walking. Well, I have actually been walking since I was one year old, but you know what I mean.


I took it upon myself to walk every street in Hamilton Ontario. We had a city amalgamation which set some of our boundaries all wonky but I inquired at city hall and have the maps which show where Hamilton Ontario ends and the next towns begin. I have two, or maybe three walks left to do and then I will have covered the final miles which make every street trod upon by my sweaty sore feet.

I plan to be writing about it over the winter. I will probably work out some of the bits in this blog before assembling it into a piece that I am hoping to submit it for Volume 3 of the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild (formerly Club)’s next contest/book that is due to be handed in in the spring of 2019 and perhaps it will be published by this time next year.

I have decided on a title at least: Confessions of a Street Walker

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