Confessions of a Street Walker – Part 3

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last four years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.


So one might ask – Just how does one become a street walker? Well, the prerequisite is that one can walk and then one only needs to find streets. I happen to have the ability to walk and I happened to find some streets just outside of my front door. I eventually set out on an adventure to walk all of the streets of my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

You might think that I needed some sort of athletic skill to achieve this feat with my feet. But, perhaps not, because I confess that I certainly do not possess any athletic skills to speak of.

Team sports were not my ‘thing’ and I’m simply not very coordinated. During my school  years, in regards to sports, I was not the kid who was picked first.  When playing baseball I always went as far into the outfield as I could go and prayed that the baseball would not come anywhere near me. If, perchance, someone would connect with the ball and it soared into the air in my direction, I would thrust my open glove up into the air and I would close my eyes and, again, I would start with the praying.

Basketball was no better. I once stood under the net to catch the ball that was swooshing through the hoop. Poised underneath I was going to catch that ball and commence dribbling. The problem was that the ball slipped through my outstretched fingers and I caught the ball with my face. A bloody nose was the only dribbling that I accomplished that day.

This lack of athletic skill continued into my adulthood. A number of family members play Ultimate Frisbee and I went down to watch a game. Before it started it was determined that one of the girls on my brother’s team was going to be late. They could play with a player short or he suggested that I pretend to play until their player arrived. The other team wouldn’t know that I couldn’t throw or catch a frisbee. It was worth a try. Our team members were told that they were not, under any circumstances, to throw the frisbee to me. I lined up with the rest of them and my job was to get into the end zone so that one of their players would be forced to guard me. I suppose I did OK because the player did follow me to the end zone but when the frisbee flew overhead – I ducked. The other team  quickly determined that I was no threat whatsoever and mostly ignored me as I ran around in circles until my replacement showed up.

So it has been determined that I am not really any good at team sports, but I am not really any better on my own. I tried the treadmill, which was harder than it looked. The gym was not too busy and I was doing OK. I had a nice speed going and starting to feel like I was getting in a groove.


I thought that I could let my mind wander a bit and very suddenly that treadmill, rather violently, spit me off it’s back end where my shocked self was amazingly able to stay on my feet. With my wildly wobbly knocking knees, I tried to walk away like I had just figured out the best way to dismount oneself from a treadmill.

Despite my lack of athletic skills, or maybe because of it, I did fall in love with walking.  I  continue to look forward to tying up my shoelaces and getting out onto the sidewalks of my wonderful city. Maybe you will see me out there. If you do, give a wave.

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