Confessions of a Street Walker – part 6

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last four years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.


So you might ask what kind of special equipment I used for my walking project. The good thing about walking as a form of exercise is that it is relatively easy on the wallet. A good pair of walking shoes is best and, of course, weather appropriate clothing. I do have a denim-ish jacket with deep pockets that takes me through most of our Ontario weather. Into those pockets go:

  • my car keys
  • a water bottle
  • my fully charged cell phone with earphones
  • an empty Ziploc bag if it looks at all that it is going to rain so I can put my phone and keys into the aforementioned Ziploc bag
  • some spare change
  • Kleenex tissues
  • sunshades for my glasses
  • if it is a complicated route that has bits of streets here and there to fill in I take along a printed map


I wore out a pair of shoes within the first two years, so now I rotate between four pairs of shoes that have various degrees of ‘air-conditioning’. If I manage to venture out when it is snowy or icy I wear boots but they aren’t as comfortable as my runners.

I tend to hold on to my shoes for too long. First, they wear out just above my big toes. Once the toe starts appearing, you would think that the shoes should be quickly tossed out.  But it takes a while for me to get my shoes comfortably worn-in and then I walk them into the ground. I do the same with my non-‘walking’ shoes.

Last November we went to a swanky gala. I got myself spiffed up (as much as I can be spiffed up) but had a difficult time selecting shoes for the evening. It was quite chilly but I thought I could still get away with some open-toe sandals that hadn’t yet been put away with the summer shoes.  They were dressy and comfortable.

After the evening was over, we were on our way back to the car and, as I walked, I started to feel that the shoes weren’t that comfortable any more. In the dark parking lot, I couldn’t see a problem but I felt one. I decided to toss them out once I got home.

Good decision because this is what the shoes looked like by the time I got home.


With plenty of ‘air-conditioning’ they were a shoe-in for the garbage bag.

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