Books That I Read in 2018

So these are the books that I read in 2018.

Funny that it would start with my own short story (and then all of the other stories) published by our Hamilton Mountain Writers Club. Got most of the stories autographed by my fellow writers. It is always great to read something when you know the author and I got to know many of them. What a treat the whole experience has been. Thanks to Barry for all of his work.


 * * *

Then I read all seven of the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. Brilliant children’s literature with an eye to a greater story.


* * *

Then another book by Judy Blume. Loved her young adult stuff when I was a young adult and adult novel was cleverly tied up in a bow.


* * *

An Oprah’s Book Club monster of a book and a monster of a story. Since we traveled in Europe a number of years ago, the cathedrals we visited seem all the more impressive.


* * *

Another Catherine Cookson that I had already read. Still love pretty much anything that she wrote. Great to start these books on a Sunday afternoon and often are done them before the week is over.


* * *

A classic, also from the Oprah Book Club. It started out a little intimidating because I recognized it as great literature. But it was another good read.


* * *

A couple of books of poetry by John Terpstra. Always a great read. One of them I picked up the night he came to speak to our writing group. What fun that was. Thanks for sharing yourself with us John.



* * *

Three Christian books. The first two I had read when I was a teenager and were written some time ago and so are a little dated. I had not remembered them being so charismatically religious. The third book is by the fine women from Women of Faith. They are always a good read.

20180823_064315_hdr  20181004_160619_hdr


* * *

Love this guy’s sense of humour. He just sees things so cleverly. Also heard a podcast episode of his and now I would like to hear more.


* * *

A book by an Oprah guru. It was a little too vaguely spiritual for most of it but she is a good writer.20181213_082956_hdr

 * * *

A book by a local writer that made the ‘big time’. I first saw it as a mini-series a number of years ago so I felt like I already knew the characters. A great point-of-view story regarding the slave trade and the Canadian connection was especially interesting.


* * *

And I finished off the year reading our Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild’s (formerly Club) Volume 2. Again it was great to read the tales that we spent so long working on and to finally see the finished product was so satisfying. So very proud of this guild of ours. 


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