Stealth Art #5

So the Stealth Artist has been at it again. Our dear friend Fred spent some time as the Interim President of Redeemer University College. During his reign, he was subjected to a number of jabs and barbs regarding his elevated status from some of us that bordered on mockerage. This all he took in stride.

When I discovered that he never did sit for a presidential portrait I thought it was something that had to be rectified. So the Artist Anita went into stealth mode once again.  This time I tackled a mixed medium art portrait and the results were…well…plaid.

Fred found a place next to the other presidential portraits where he spent countless hours watching the goings-on that were going on.


This is the blurb which was displayed next to the art.

Stealth Art by Artist Anita
Installment 5 in a 3 part series

Redeemer University College has a long history 
of highlighting emerging artists 
and is overjoyed, if not a little confused, 
to present this mixed medium art piece entitled:

Interimial Presidential Portraiture
Fred & his Presidential Robe

Fred Verwoerd’s humbleness 
prevented him from sitting 
for an official portrait 
during his time as 
Interim President of 
Redeemer University College 
but this local artist feels that 
Fred’s place in history 
should be noted, 
yea verily, 
it should be celebrated.

After hanging in the hallowed halls of learning for a good deal of time. Fred was removed today. All art has its time and Fred’s place in the limelight was over.

Thank goodness Fred is good at forgiving.

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