New Years Resolution – March

Part Three of our New Years Resolution for 2019. So it was Movie Morning with Jeff today. I also got to meet their new puppy Tessa – a cute as a button bundle of fur – who apparently likes watching movies


For the first two movies, we ended up with the theme of sacrifice.
It was Jeff’s pick today and we watched The Big Blue.


We watched the longer version and it really was long. It was a good movie but there were a few plot holes that we thought you could swim a dolphin through and the ending was not typical. There were some funny scenes and some parts that the two of us can forever laugh at from watching the movie together
-the car painted red
-Momma and the pasta bowl with the recipe
-the Japanese diver and his breathing technique

We also had some fun conversations during the movie
he was naked – no, he wasn’t
yes, he was – no, he wasn’t
yes, he was – you’re right, he was

So the next pick is mine and to keep with a theme it will take some thought.

We could watch Free Willy for a ‘save the marine animal by taking it out of captivity and setting it free’ theme.

We could watch You Light Up My Life for a ‘un fairytale-like ending’.

We could watch Waterworld because there is a lot of water in the movie.

We could watch a 13 episode TV series from the late 1970s The Man From Atlantis for all of the ‘underwater breath holding’ that was happening.

Hmm, decisions decisions…stay tuned.

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