Well, that’s a weighty topic, isn’t it? Much more complicated than babbling on about walking around Hamilton. At church for Lent, we were encouraged to think about our sin and a visible reminder was handed out for those interested in participating. A piece of twine. Some chose to put theirs on their key rings or around their purse handle. It was long enough to tie around my wrist. It was going to help me be mindful of sin.


As it was, I was giving up carbonated beverages for Lent but this was going to be a constant reminder because my Garmin step tracker is always on my wrist.

It actually took quite a bit of work to tie it on. Too tight – then too loose. One knot was not enough and I had to tie multiple knots to keep it from undoing itself. A little bit like how sin is often intentional and actually takes effort, unfortunately.

And the twine really stuck out and scratched at my wrist so I trimmed it a bit. Maybe because then I might not have to answer uncomfortable questions from people who want to know why my fashion sense now consists of hay bale accessories.


And when I decided to take a picture of it I was confronted with pride. I could have taken it at the end of my day when the step count was only 1845 but if I was going to take a picture of my steps I would take a picture after I had taken a long walk. Pride.

I take my step tracker off when I sleep and I wish that sin could be as easily removed from my life. “Happy to say I left sin on the night table today” But it doesn’t work that way.

My granddaughter attends the same church as we do and saw my piece of twine.
She asked, “Is that to remind you of your sin?”
My answer was, “Yes, yes it does.”
Her reply was, “the twine just reminds me of crafts.”  : )

At the end of this little experiment, I will undo the twine and it will be easier to forget to be mindful of sin. I will begin to drink carbonated beverages again (hooray) but I do hope that I will not forget to confront my arrogance or ignorance, my pride or my greed,  or my anger or envy. Instead, I wish to be more kind and loving, generous and giving, as well as gentle and content. I think that the world would be a better place if we could all do thusly.

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