Confessions of a Street Walker – part 17

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last four years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.



Continue with me on one of my typical walks. Wednesday, August 14th – part 2

This walk included me waddling my way up and then down our escarpment. Some of these mountain accesses are hardly safe to walk up or down but Fifty Road seemed pretty safe. There were a couple of spots where I felt that I should hug the guard rail as a car went by but I did not have any close calls.

Hamilton – City of Waterfalls is a tag line used often. Because of our escarpment, there are plenty of places that water ends up spilling over to the lake-side of the city. Some are rather scenic and some are basically drainage ditches that wander down to Lake Ontario – eventually. Going up and then down Fifty Road I spotted three places which would probably be classified as waterfalls even if there appeared to be very little water flowage happening but it has been dry lately.




I don’t know if any of them had names but I did find one closer to the top that did. Google Maps promised me that I would be walking past the ‘West of Fifty Upper Cascade’


The problem was that it appears to be on private property – actually someone’s home – but Google said that it ‘closes at 11pm’. The sign said ‘No Trespassing’ and that is a sign that I do try to obey. (more confessions about that in the next blog) I never did find a pathway to the cascade although it is possible that you can get there by following the Bruce Trail which cuts across the road halfway up the access. Maybe one day I will tackle the Bruce Trail.

There are some clever retaining walls alongside the road. In this case, smaller rocks can work like big rocks when they are trapped within wire cages to keep the rocks from falling on the road and erosion from happening. I thought that these stones looked interesting because of the splotches of white.


I confess that I picked up a pretty one that had tumbled out for my ‘pretty rocks from neat places’ collection.

After the escarpment access was conquered I wandered back to the car. Before I got there I did step into quite a dip in the shoulder without noticing it ahead of time. My knee buckled and I wobbled with arms windmilling but I did not fall.  It was a close call but I was able to perform a rather athletic  ‘she’s gonna fall-no she won’t-oh yes she will’ dance before I was able to right myself. I’m rather proud of that actually. A good reminder to keep my eyes on my pathway.

Nearing the end of my walking adventure of the day I spotted this rock fence. Gorgeous. I would love to have one of these but they are entirely impractical for all of the work and money that it would take to construct one in front of our house. *sigh*


My final approach to return to my parked car was a riot of colour growing alongside construction sites. We work so hard in our gardens to grow things to make our yards pretty but look at this … and we just call them weeds. It was planted by no one but Mother Nature but quite appreciated by this walker.


You can see that my walk took about three hours – so I do not go fast. Just fast enough to enjoy the view and take in the sights.

Thanks for coming along for one of my walks.

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