Confessions of a Street Walker – part 18


It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last four years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.


So this was my Monday walk. It ended up being just over 10 miles. The Stoney Creek Mountain. Fairly rural. What pleased me was that I found a great place to park. A Catholic Cemetary was a good place to leave my car whilest I coddiwompled down the country roads.20190819_090213

Only one of the roads was fairly busy but the rest of them were quite pleasant to walk down. I saw another abandoned house that I really wanted to investigate further but I didn’t.

20190819_092438 (1)

The waist-deep weeds covering the driveway implied abandoned.

20190819_092503_HDR (1)

I was too chicken to think that I was trespassing but there were no signs and that does seem to imply permission.

Now I am rather a sign-follower. If someone went through the trouble to put up a sign then they mean it, yes? But a larger-than-imagined number of streets that I walked down on this project of mine were guarded by clear signs that said that no one was to trespass.
S-16156Abut maybe they really mean this:no-trespassing-vintage-metal-signs-home-decor
There were some streets that just did not want non-residents to be there but what about almost invited guests? Can a pizza guy deliver there? Can I go to look at a house for sale on that street? The sign implies that I can’t.

What about the ‘Authorized Parking Only.’ signs? Our church even posts ‘Authorized Parking Only’ signs. Does that mean that they will tow any car that has not received authorization? I suppose it means that they CAN tow me away if I want to park there. And just how do I go about getting authorization when the building is closed? These signs feel quite threatening and I am not usually one to challenge them but the need for me to walk down that ‘no trespassing’ street is greater than the threat it implies. That in mind, I am always respectful of the homes and businesses that I wander past or through when I walk.

I used to park in a grocery store parking lot and once got a clear letter stuck to my windshield telling me that I should never park there again because I was not a customer. The next time they saw my license plate in their parking lot I would be towed. This was in an area with a shortage of parking but I used to park early and walk for two hours and when my walk was over I would buy some groceries from that store. I confess that I was a little miffed by that and I guess I won’t ever park there again.

Next : The Mystery of the Yellow Bowl.


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