Confessions of a Street Walker – part 22

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last five years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.


So, this morning, I finished up walking all of Stoney Creek. Stoney Creek is booming with construction so the caveat will be that by this time next year there will likely be more streets that I will have to cover to keep all of the Stoney Creek streets walked upon.  

As of today, this was the last bit left, so on went my shoes and I dodged orange pylons and landscaping trucks to finish the walk today.


For those familiar with the area, the eastern section of my walk was in a conservation area known as the Eramosa Karst. There are lots of trails there and I hadn’t been there before. I will have to go back sometime to walk on some of the other trails and actually see the caves. It really was a pretty trail.


Again, I saw some flora that I am unknowledgeable about. Does anyone out there know what these are?


So, another finish line crossed over. And actually, it was a literal finish line. I confess that I saved the pennanty string of celebration from the Hamilton finish line and was able to make use of it again.

There were two construction people doing constructiony things and I was bold enough to stop them to ask if they would hold up my finish line so I could take a selfie. This is not a complicated task but I also did not want to interrupt their day. They were game and were kind enough to hold my finish line while I managed to snap a picture.


Actually, the finish line would have been about 30 feet further but I was not going to ask my finish line holders to trot down the street 30 feet while holding my string of victory to make the picture the most accurate it could be. The picture snapped I wandered back to my car.

I confess I will miss Stoney Creek but now I am off to conquer some of Dundas and Ancaster. I have already done a good chunk of the built-up areas of both Dundas and Ancaster but the rural roads – of which there are plenty – remain unfilled in on my walking map. I am thinking that, as we are closer to winter than to spring, I will not get a lot of un-walked upon roads finished over the next half year. Lots of the roads do not have sidewalks but gravel shoulders and slushy snow and gravel shoulders do not make such great conditions to coddiwomple on. Still, I will get done what I can.  Looking forward to it.

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