A Puzzling Post

I do enjoy jigsaw puzzles. They are good for my brain. Herein lies the tale of the latest puzzle that I worked upon.

The Tale of a 5,000 piece Puzzle

This is the tale of a 5,000 piece puzzle that we must start in the middle of its journey as we do not know of its beginnings. Thea gave this Ravensburger puzzle to Anita. Thea hadn’t finished it and it frustrated her enough to get rid of it when she was downsizing for a move. The only caveat was that Anita had to finish it and send proof and then Anita could keep it.

20190804_091733Making Progress – beginning of August

Anita had started the puzzle at the beginning of the year but there were weeks and weeks that it was not worked upon. For many days the puzzle quietly sat awaiting nimble fingers to set one of its pieces next to another one of its pieces. Sometimes it was tricky.
It sat thusly over much of the spring and the summer of 2019. Then fall arrived and Anita began again in earnest. When Anita starts working on a puzzle other things tend to remain unfinished. Floors are not vacuumed often, leaves don’t get raked, windows do not get washed and dust gathers on the surfaces of Anita’s house.
Many fellow jigsawers know of this affliction and can empathize.

After almost one year of puzzling Anita finished it on November 4th, 2019.



The puzzle as been photographed and taped shut and is now will make its way to the Mission Thrift Store in Hamilton Ontario where it will await the next part of its journey. If you find yourself in possession of this wonderful puzzle feel free to be a part of its travels recorded on this blog. It would tickle me to no end …
(now that is an old phrase)
(just what does she mean by that?)
(who is tickling and who is the tickled upon? and which end?)
…if this blog could trace its journey through the next owners and then the next.

This was a wonderful puzzle. If you would like one of your own it can be found in a St. Jacobs toy store. Brand new it is expensive. Pretty sure it will cost less at the Mission Thrift Store.



This is the note that will go with the puzzle when it finally leaves our house.

This puzzle was completed on November 4th,2019. All of the pieces are accounted for (not always the case in second-hand puzzles) and it was put away with a goodly number of pieces still stuck together. So if you pull it out carefully you will have a marvelous head start. Be warned that you need a large surface to work on this puzzle. There was a blog post written about this particular puzzle so if you would like to be a part of recording it’s journey feel free to add to the comment section of the blog post. The blog address is: https://anitajoldersma.wordpress.com/2019/11/12/a-puzzling-post/
It would be marvelous to see where it travels to next. Enjoy.

UPDATE – November 28,2019 The puzzle now has a new home. Martin’s first cousin-once-removed Hetty claimed dibs on the puzzle before it could even get to the Mission Thrift Store but I wanted the thrift store to get a promised 5000 piece puzzle. What to do – what to do? Instead, I donated some puzzles from my puzzle stash – six of them actually, at 1500 pieces each which totaled more than 5000 pieces – thus fulfilling, I believe, my promise. 20191122_113541_HDRHetty picked up the puzzle last Saturday night and promised to keep me informed in regards to when she finishes it. The puzzle saga continues.

3 thoughts on “A Puzzling Post

    1. So far I have discovered that the puzzle was taken to a second-hand store in Ontario. I have no idea if it was purchased. When I owned it it took me years to tackle the courage to start it. I will update the post if I ever hear where it ended up.


  1. Hetty told me it ended up in a Christmas gift exchange and then ended up at a thrift store. Nothing else to report yet about its current whereabouts.


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