New Years Resolution – November

The movie this month was Jeff’s pick and he chose a 1955 Hitchcock film The Trouble with Harry. I recognized some of the actors and it was Shirley MacLaine’s film debut.


I had not heard of it at all and so sort of expected a typical Hitchcock film with a fair amount of scary parts. This one not so scary.  The movie asks the question “Who is Harry Worp?” Then it asks “How did he end up deader than a door-nail?” and then we start to ask ourselves, “Just how many times will Harry have to be buried?” The suspects are a group of quirky residents of a small Vermont hamlet.

Captain Wiles is sure that he killed him with a stray hunting bullet. Jennifer Rogers, Harry’s estranged wife, believes she killed him because she hit him with a milk bottle. Miss Gravely is certain that the man died after a blow from the heel of her hiking boot after he accosted her. Sam Marlowe, an attractive and nonconformist artist, is open-minded about the whole event and is prepared to help his neighbors and new-found friends in any way he can. The Captain, Jennifer, Miss Gravely and Sam bury the body and then dig it up again several times throughout the day. They eventually hide the body in a bathtub before finally putting it back on the hill where it first appeared.

I rather enjoyed this one and am looking forward to the December movie.

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