New Years Resolution – December

It’s not very often that I’ll make a New Years Resolution and even less often that I will keep a New Years Resolution. 2019 was different. My brother Jeff and I made a New Years Resolution to watch a movie together each month for the whole year. We took turns choosing and the game that I worked into the whole process was that the movie that I choose would have to be connected, somehow, to the one that Jeff had previously chosen. November’s choice starred Shirley MacLaine and so December’s choice was going to do the same thing.


I chose The Apartment because of the Shirley MacLaine connection but I also enjoy watching Jack Lemmon do just about anything. I am sure that I had watched it before as it was a favourite of Laura’s and I am sure we watched it together when she was a teenager. But that was many years ago so I wondered how much I would recall.


Found on  IMDB: Bud Baxter (Jack Lemmon) is shrewd when it comes to advancing his career. While he might not have any exemplary skills, he does possess one thing that can give him an edge toward a promotion: an Upper West Side apartment. Because it’s far away from the suburbs and close enough to their work, some of the managers at Bud’s job have been giving him glowing recommendations for the shared use of the apartment to conduct their extra-marital affairs. When Bud’s boss learns of this, he wants in on the action, putting Bud out of his apartment for the night but compensating him for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Bud’s date for the evening stands him up, which is made all the more surprising when he goes home and finds her unconscious in his apartment. Being the gentleman he is, Bud nurses the woman to health, spurring them both to fall in love with each other, despite the gossip at work.Benjamin M. Weilert

The Apartment was cleverly done but it was a tad depressing that, even though it was set in the late 1950s,  you would be hard-pressed to find someone who was not having extra-marital affairs. Pretty much all of the main characters were, except for the Bud Baxter, who everyone thought was messing around but wasn’t.  There were a few moral and difficult topics – the obligation to keep secrets, adultery, and suicide. But in the end, love prevailed and there was a happily ever after.

I think we plan to keep doing this movie watching. We will see if the parameters change at all for 2020. Stay tuned.

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