Books Read in 2019

While I am not as voracious a reader as my daughter Laura, I did manage to read 44 books in 2019. A good number of them being re-reads helped increase the total. Laura managed to read 131 so I was wayyy behind.

Here are my 2019 books read list:


a sequel that was worthy of the first book


got these two from Barry – I really enjoyed them and hunted the others in the series down at the library to finish reading the series – they were about a man and his walking mission – something I kind of identified with


a cute fun read


the rest of the walking series – will likely want to read them again one day so will have to put them on the “books to hunt for” list


an Oprah Book Club pick –
I know it is touted as brilliant but I mostly found it hard to follow

read it years ago and picked it up again – I am a fan of almost anything that Maya thinks is important enough to write down


a Readers Digest Condensed Book – enjoyed all four – two of them I would not have picked up in the uncondensed format but I did enjoy those two as well


met the author when she spoke at a Women’s Brunch at church – inspirational


another re-read of a Catherine Cookson favourite – the first Cookson novel I ever read

my younger self read The Great Brain Series as well. I started out reading them to E&M but kept going even when they lost interest


always a favourite – these were a great re-read …

that put me on a Laura Ingalls Wilder kick for the summer


my friend Trish gave me this book – she thought I would like it – and I did

a Canadian book written by the early settlers – there were a number of pages just missing in this printing but the stories were well told by the people who experienced them

20190806_111447pretty sure I read this one before – it was pretty enchanting


another Catherine Cookson book

my first digital downloaded book from the library – don’t remember how long I had it for but read it in two days – it was part of a city library-wide promotion – very good read

these two books finally showed up in my mailbox courtesy of Amazon – they are both written by my fellow writers of the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild – my story about street walking is in Volume 3 – proud to be among some pretty good stories


another Oprah Book Club pick – another highly regarded book that I just could not get into


another Oprah Book Club – I enjoyed this one


supporting two local authors:
the Lance and Mikolaj book is delightful
I got to know Laura Furster when she interviewed me for the Spectator
and here she dabbles in poetry

enjoy Malcolm Gladwell – he always makes interesting observations and points


the last Oprah Book Club of the year – boy was it a hard read
very well written but so depressing
Will see what kind of reading 2020 brings…

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