A Mouse in the House

Last fall we had a mouse find its way into our house and it was certainly not by invitation. Martin saw one dart around in the entrance room off of the garage and set out some poison. We wish we didn’t have to kill the critters but they simply do not get to live in the same house as us. Nope. Not happenin’. No matter how cute some people think mice are.


After a few days of setting out the poison we noticed a smell. It was not a nice smell and so we went hunting for a carcass of a recently deceased mouse. When I say we went hunting I mean that I made Martin hunt and hunt he did. He poked and prodded and pulled away furniture and I asked him to check the shoe rack. Nope, he said, nothing. We guessed that it might have crawled in between the walls and perished there. Hot soapy water was liberally applied to the floor and after a couple of days the smell was gone and our lives carried on as usual.

Now I told you that story, so I could tell you this story. Last Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and I had to get out my good winter boots due to the couple of inches of freshly fallen snow that had appeared overnight. Martin was already waiting in the car when I went to pull on my Sunday boots. I was wearing thicker socks and wondered if they would make pulling the boots on difficult. I put the right boot on and it was a little snug but on it went. I pulled on the left boot and it seemed to be a little more crowded so I pushed my foot rather enthusiastically to the bottom of the boot. At first I wondered if one of the grandkids had left something in my boot. I took it off and peered inside.


There at the bottom of my boot was the stiff body of a deceased mouse that had very recently been flattened. You can imagine that I might have calmly put the boot down – but I did not. With a loud squeal I tossed the boot across the room and madly looked for something else to wear.

I finally got into the car and Martin said, “What took you so long, I thought you were ready to go?”

“I had been ready to go,” I calmly replied, “Oh, and by the way, I thought you checked the shoes and boots when you were looking for the dead mouse.”

“I did,” and there was a pause after which he admitted, “well, I might not have checked ALL of them.”

It was a good thing we were going to church.

One of us was going to be needing to repent and the other one was going to need to start working on forgiving.

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