Stealth Art # 6

Artist Anita strikes again. To fully tell this tale to those uninitiated in abstract Canadian Art, one should first have a little bit of background. It is duly supplied below:

* * *

Voice Of Fire is an abstract painting of acrylic on canvas made in 1967 by Barnett Newman. The painting is made up of three vertical lines that are all the same size. The stripes on the outside of the painting are blue and the one in the middle is red. It was created as a commission for Expo 67 in Montreal. Voice of Fire is 18 foot long when measured vertically and was shown alongside other paintings that represented American progress, which was the intention of the painting.

voice_of_fire_photo-croppedVoice of Fire

It was loaned to the National Gallery of Canada in 1987. It became a a permanent part of the gallery in 1989 when the purchase of Voice of Fire cost the gallery $1.8 million. This acquisition of the painting caused a lot of controversy geared mostly by the doubts of the artwork being seen as genuine art. The artwork increased in value, going up to a staggering $40 million. Controversy ensued once more a few years later in 1992 when Voice of Fire had been discovered as being hung upside down after it had been loaned and then bought. Despite this controversy, the painting remains in ownership of the gallery.

* * *

One morning this winter, Artist Anita was sitting at home sipping a cup of coffee and she was suddenly struck by a bolt of inspiration. She recalled a Canadian art controversy from years ago and, unwilling to let controversy dampen her art in any way, she confined herself in her attic to create another masterpiece. After minutes of artistic work she produced her latest creation.


Fire of the Voice

This is clearly not an ersatz replication of the Voice of Fire. The stripe goes in a completely different direction and notice the title and it’s simplistic addition of the word ‘the’ and the movement of the words ‘fire’ and ‘voice’. This evolution represents the movement of an endemic society filtering our united diversity and turning it on it’s head, or rather, it’s side. The trek was made to McMaster Innovation Park where there is already hanging some mighty fine art. Artist Anita found a nice little corner for her creative work. Avoiding any chance at further controversy, Artist Anita has made ‘fur darn sure’ that the Fire of the Voice has not been hung upside down. 


It might not be displayed there for long. It seems a cleaning lady was eyeing Artist Anita’s art with amazement (or maybe suspicion). 


Artist Anita proudly awaits the accolades that are sure to come, until then she will be relegated to wait for inspiration to strike once more. 

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