Sermon Notes

So Martin and I ran away from home but we are back now.

It was fun to stay with Fred & Amy and then visit with Henry & Janet and then Dick & Kathy. We even got a chance to see Mark & Heather. Down to Florida and back, we managed to put lots of kilometres on the new (to us) car.

The part of the trip that I want to write about was the church service we attended last Sunday. Our church has a number of missionaries whom we support. One of them is Pastor Mark and Resurrection Life. Pastor Mark is one of our past pastors and it was hard when they left as we missed them. I especially missed Heather as she came from a different background and it was a breath of fresh air when she shared of her thoughts and ideas – I enjoyed her perspective. It was good to see where they are now. Resurrection Life is a church plant that worships in an elementary school near Raleigh in North Carolina and we were able to visit there before heading home. We pray for them regularly and it was good to be there.

We arrived early and we appreciated being able to just sit and observe what this congregation was all about. The auditorium filled slowly and it was fun to people watch. You could tell it was a congregation of some really nice people. They are lucky to have Pastor Mark (and Heather) ministering among them.

While we were waiting for the service to begin, I noticed a young lady sitting two rows ahead of us and she was drawing. Now I like to take notes during the sermon by using interesting lettering or by drawing pictures. Despite the fun I am having with some stealth art projects, I am under no illusion that I am an artist. I am really not very good at it at all. I simply enjoy it. It often helps me concentrate with what is being said, and it helps me to recall it better once I have written it down. That said, only a few people usually get to see what I have drawn.

A page from my sermon note journal.


After watching the young lady for a while, I went to have a few words with her. I guess I just felt it was important to encourage her to keep on ‘arting’.

It was a good service. We sang with them, we listened with them, we prayed with them and we shared communion with them. We regretted not being able to stay for the potluck lunch which followed but home was beckoning.

Before we left, the young lady handed me a piece of paper on which she had written a verse – for me – to keep.


What a kind thing it was for her to share it with me. To me it was more than just a verse. It was a sharing – it was an offering – it was a welcome. I hope that I expressed my gratitude sufficiently and I hope she continues arting. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, it was lovely to be a part of that caring community.

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