Confessions of a Street Walker – Part 29


It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last five years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

I confess that I have started playing with rocks again. When I was younger, I used to collect shiny or sparkly or fossily rocks. It was always fun to pick up a stone that looked cool, for one reason or another and bring it home. I looked for hidden gems and remember finding ‘fools gold’ at Aunt Dorothy’s place in Keene. Ask my mom about the very special soft rock that I found when I was a small child.

But since the spring I have renewed my fascination with rocks. I have always wanted to do fancy, colourful painting on rocks …


…but my skills and my patience are limited.


… really very quite limited. : )

If I am travelling about and in a special place I often try to look for a rock to commemorate the occasion. I have lugged them home in my purse and in pockets and in suitcases. I confess I have even shlepped them over the ocean and across borders. I have ‘stolen’ rocks from all over. I write on each one where and when I found each rock.


This collection started with the stones we got from Timothy and Danielle at their wedding. Then I found one on an alp in Switzerland and on the property of my father’s family home in Smilde. I found one in the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. I also found one in Jeffrey and Laura’s driveway in Echo Bay and in Fred and Amy’s driveway on Lookout Mountain. The rocks help me remember and I find them a fun memento.

I suppose that rock collecting might run in the family. When he was but a young lad, our son Henry would bring home gravel from school and squirrel it away in his pockets. Good thing he had deep pockets.


Years later we made a donation to the school and I confessed that I felt I was just finally paying for all of the gravel that Henry had pilfered. So, sometimes the rock doesn’t fall very far from the boulder.

So what does my fascination for rocks have to do with my walking project? I decided to find some rather plain rocks and write brief messages that only required a sharpie and no sort of skill other than penmanship. I wanted to remind people to have a good day.

When Martin leaves for work, he gets up and gets ready for his day. I am usually in bed and he always comes to say goodbye and give me a kiss. He says something like “I should be home by supper. I reply with “Have a good day.” While those are my words I always take that time to silently pray “Lord, keep him safe and be with all of our kids and grandkids.” Sometimes the prayer is a little longer depending on what we are dealing with at the time. But there is always that simple prayer.

So when making my little messages on the rocks I picked “Have a good day” or I might insert ‘nice’ or ‘wonderful’. Because it is so long, ‘wonderful’ is saved for the bigger rocks.


I confess that I have been having fun leaving rocks in unexpected places during my walks. Glanbrook has been getting its share since I have been walking there lately.


And so it is that when I am out on a walk and I leave a rock, it comes with a prayer that whoever sees it will be blessed. Maybe you will come across one of my rocks one day but even if you don’t – ‘Have a good day’.

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