Christmas Ornaments

It was fun decorating for Christmas this year. We had given our artificial Christmas tree to Andrew and Kate and decided to try something a little different. We actually have two ‘trees’ and they involved some creativity. The first one I made with some sticks and wire. Pretty simple but it was fun to make.

I have added a few more ornaments since this picture.

The second one I tried to copy from a picture I had seen on the interweb years ago. I nagged our son Henry to build me the frame and he did. It is just two sticks of wood with some hinges and hooks. Three lighted pine garlands woven back and forth and the ornaments completed the look.

Joldersma Christmas Tree 2020

Our tree has never looked like those perfectly adorned specimens that would grace Martha Stewarts home but we like it. The ornaments mean something to us. They have interesting stories and wonderful memories all hanging from hooks on our tree.

Our daughter Shirley made these. So pretty.
When we were on a river cruise in Europe, a German craftsman handed out wooden trees. I coloured mine.
We used to share Christmas Day with my cousin Arlene and her family. When Arlene hosted we always had the most creative place card holders adorning the table. It was always fun to see how many we could steal off of the table to take home after the meal.

Many of our memories are tied up with our church family.

I made these years ago at Coffee Break
The girls made these at the girls club at church.
One of our most exciting Christmases was 1987 when Henry was born on Christmas morning. A lady from our church who taught all of our children Kindergarten gave us this memory maker.
I have a couple of friends who like to
make fun of the size of my purse.
From the wedding of Jordan and Alison who just had a new baby.
My friend Amy is an exceptional knitter. They live in Georgia now and we miss them.

May you enjoy the blessings of this season. Merry Christmas from Martin and Anita Joldersma

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