Confessions of a Street Walker – part 34

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last six years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

My walk today had me on the relatively new Keddy Access Trail. I had not yet been on this trail that takes us up and down our escarpment. It was really planned well with a number of access points to get off and on. I thought that being able to access the Jolley Cut – upbound and downbound – was quite practical. I do not like doing the escarpment steps but this was a gentle incline that was quite manageable. I left a couple of ladybugs there.

One at the top and one at the bottom.
Hopefully they will brighten someones day.

The winter weather here has provided snowy and icy sidewalks for much of January and February. I was not going to go out for my walking project until it dries up a bit. Country roads need to be respected when there are wet or icy shoulders. Since we were also in the middle of another lockdown I did much of my walking for the last two months quite close to home. I will confess that it did get quite boring.

I shoveled the sidewalk and the driveway was clear.
I wonder what the neighbours think.
Went up and down the driveway a lot of times that day.

Looking forward to spring and the nicer weather that comes along with it.

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