New Years Resolution – March 2021

The movie that was Jeff’s choice for this month was Aardvark.

The poor Aardvark never even made the movie poster.

Truth be told, I found this movie was rather disappointing. Maybe I was missing something but there just seemed to be gaps in the storytelling, but then again, the storytelling wasn’t even that interesting.

Since I did not know the two actresses who played the female leads I found they looked too much alike for me to keep them apart. Always distracting when you can’t keep the characters straight.

Jon Hamm played the part of a moderately successful actor named Craig who at one point was laughing about taking acting jobs that are really quite terrible and that sort of made me laugh. Was the whole thing supposed to be an inside joke about good actors being stuck acting in bad movies? I don’t think that was the intention.

I also appreciated the conversation between the two brothers where they viewed the same memory differently. Real life for sure.

Here are our reviews:

My review of Aardvark.
Jeff had a different take than I did.

Maybe it’s good to watch a badly done movie once in a while to better appreciate when a movie is done well. Until next month.

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