Confessions of a Street Walker – Part 35 – Epic Walker: A Duck Story

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last six years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

Since starting this walking project of mine, I confess that I’ve become totally impressed by “epic walkers.” Folks that have taken their walking to another level and something about it becomes epic. Sometimes it is distance or maybe location. Lots of things can make walking epic. I like it when I can watch or read about their walking projects and through social media I have ‘met’ some of them. I guess I just feel a connection with people whose walking takes on a life of its own. Herein follows the story of an epic walker local to Hamilton.

There comes a time in every community’s life that a superhero appears. Gotham City has it’s Batman. In Hamilton we have Lewis. Lewis Mallard. Lewis Mallard is an artist in Hamilton and he is a duck on a mission and his mission just tickles my fancy. I started following him on Instagram. @lewis_mallard

Click on the video to learn why I am such a fan of Lewis Mallard
Lewis finds a friend

Wandering around Hamilton is something I have enjoyed doing and I have had the chance to chat a bit with some pretty nice people. I have not yet spotted Lewis in the wild but it is on my bucket list. Like Batman and his secret identity, Lewis does not seek attention for himself but has a greater good to do. We need more ducks like Lewis.

Since I started making encouragement rocks and leaving them while I am out and about on my walks, I decided it might be fun to try to create some Lewis Mallard Duck Eggs. One of Lewis’s art series shows us that things are not always what they seem to be. I attached one of my favourite pieces to egg-ish looking rocks and it seemed to work out.

Are those Lewis Mallard Duck Eggs?

I hope to leave some duck eggs in Gage Park sometime this spring and I look forward to spotting Lewis in the wild one day.

This sits near my front porch and makes me happy each time I see it.

New Years Resolution – March 2021

The movie that was Jeff’s choice for this month was Aardvark.

The poor Aardvark never even made the movie poster.

Truth be told, I found this movie was rather disappointing. Maybe I was missing something but there just seemed to be gaps in the storytelling, but then again, the storytelling wasn’t even that interesting.

Since I did not know the two actresses who played the female leads I found they looked too much alike for me to keep them apart. Always distracting when you can’t keep the characters straight.

Jon Hamm played the part of a moderately successful actor named Craig who at one point was laughing about taking acting jobs that are really quite terrible and that sort of made me laugh. Was the whole thing supposed to be an inside joke about good actors being stuck acting in bad movies? I don’t think that was the intention.

I also appreciated the conversation between the two brothers where they viewed the same memory differently. Real life for sure.

Here are our reviews:

My review of Aardvark.
Jeff had a different take than I did.

Maybe it’s good to watch a badly done movie once in a while to better appreciate when a movie is done well. Until next month.

Confessions of a Street Walker – part 34

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last six years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

My walk today had me on the relatively new Keddy Access Trail. I had not yet been on this trail that takes us up and down our escarpment. It was really planned well with a number of access points to get off and on. I thought that being able to access the Jolley Cut – upbound and downbound – was quite practical. I do not like doing the escarpment steps but this was a gentle incline that was quite manageable. I left a couple of ladybugs there.

One at the top and one at the bottom.
Hopefully they will brighten someones day.

The winter weather here has provided snowy and icy sidewalks for much of January and February. I was not going to go out for my walking project until it dries up a bit. Country roads need to be respected when there are wet or icy shoulders. Since we were also in the middle of another lockdown I did much of my walking for the last two months quite close to home. I will confess that it did get quite boring.

I shoveled the sidewalk and the driveway was clear.
I wonder what the neighbours think.
Went up and down the driveway a lot of times that day.

Looking forward to spring and the nicer weather that comes along with it.

New Years Resolution – February 2021

So we watched our February movie and made our reports. This month was my choice and I picked Hunt for the Wildepeople. I suppose I don’t need to write too much about it because I did make my report.

Our reports:

NYR February 2021 – My video report of Hunt for the Wildepeople.
I was surprised by how many “umm”s I used. I will have to work on that.
NYR – January 2021 Jeff’s video report of Hunt for the Wildepeople.
Once again Jeff was way more thorough than I was.

Looking forward to our March movie.

New Years Resolution – January 2021

In 2019 my brother, Jeff and I decided to make a new years resolution to watch a movie together once a month. For me, it was as much about getting together with my brother as it was about watching a movie. We met every month for 2019 and agreed to carry on for 2020 and then co-vid hit, putting a kabosh on watching a movie together. Then in November 2020 Jeff moved to New Brunswick.

I must say that it was harder on me than I thought it would be. When we were growing up we were quite often at odds. One year and a half apart there was a fair amount of friction and we didn’t always get along. But once we grew up we connected on a very good level. We are quite different and do not always see eye-to-eye but we ‘get’ each other and it is always good to have people in your life who ‘get’ you. Jeff has also been awesome tech-support when my computer or devices went wonky and the fact that he uses his super powers to help with me with that it is always appreciated.

So, even without co-vid restrictions, it looked like the move to New Brunswick put a more permanent kabosh on any movie watching resolution for 2021. But thanks to the video calling app Duo we have managed to stay in relatively regular contact. We have also used Duo for him to help me get my printer back on line.

We have found a way to, sort of, watch a movie together. Each month one of us selects a movie and we both agree to watch it at one point in the month. We then complete a video movie review to see how similar or different we feel about the movie. It will be interesting to see how this will work. Maybe one day we will use some technology to try and watch it ‘together’ but for now we will be trying it this way.

The movie this month was Jojo Rabbit.

NYR January 2021 – My video report of Jojo Rabbit
NYR – January 2021 Jeff’s video report of Jojo Rabbit.
His report is 20 minutes long so it is much more thorough than mine was.
Loved his ‘spoiler alert’ “Germany lost the war”

A Puzzlin’ Post – 2020

Earlier I posted about the books that I read in 2020 but I also managed to put together a few jigsaw puzzles this year. Some were very basic that I did with grandchildren. Others were larger and sat on my puzzling table for weeks on end. I confess to being a Ravensburger Puzzle Snob. I only buy second hand puzzles and they are always Ravensburgers.

I take a picture of each completed puzzle picture and number and note missing pieces. This year I created a puzzle summary page for my family photo album.

The photo album is a bit thin this past year in part because of all of the events we were not allowed to celebrate. We had booked a European cruise with friends. Cancelled. We had been invited to Dirk and Grace’s anniversary. There was no Joldersma Cousins Day. Our youngest turned 30. My mom turned 80. We had a 40th wedding anniversary. Christmas. All things we were not allowed to gather for. So instead of memorable events I photographed each puzzle I finished.

Big or small, I took a picture of each one. Now some of them came with some of the pieces stuck together (woohoo) and some of them had missing pieces. Some of the pieces were so obvious and easy to find and others I just stared and stared looking for any place that I thought might work. It looks like my piece total for the year is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 26,000.

I started this one in November.
I suppose it will count for 2021

One of the puzzles I bought had a second puzzle included in the box. There was no picture but I did it anyway. It turned out to be the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle and I didn’t even count it in my total because it was not a Ravensburger. (See I told you I was a Ravensburger Snob)

I am part of a Jigsaw Puzzle Small Group hosted by a lovely lady from our church. We gather and puzzle about every three weeks. It is fun to work together on puzzles and we end up laughing a lot. We look forward to being able to gather once again, once it is declared safe to do so. Until then, happy puzzlin’.

Books I Read 2020

Time for my annual list of the books I read in 2020.

The oh-so-charming Mitford series.
Ah! Marie. Maybe one day I will tackle tidying up.
A classic that I enjoyed
I do enjoy Malcolm Gladwell
Always enjoy Catherine Cookson stories
A quick little book about giving
I enjoyed this celebrity memoir
A devotional that was to take me through the year but I read it too quickly.
Ah, Jane Austen. I needed to read some Austen to get in the mood for a writing project that is coming up.

And now for a new category for me: digital books from the library. This was the first year I downloaded books from the library and I will be doing more of that in the future.

Recommended by friends on Facebook. It did not disappoint.
Beautiful. Brilliant. Epic. I need to own a paper copy of this book.

And even another category for me. Audiobooks. Woohoo! Great for taking on my walks.

A good read
It was ok
A children’s classic
What a great read. I have such respect for Barack and Michelle Obama.
Classic Gladwell
Oh, David. You would be such a fun friend to have. I watched his Masterclass on writing. Brilliant.
Listened to this before I saw the play (online) Such a wonderful look at Lin Manuel’s brilliant mind.
Touching. A glimpse into the hero of Jeopardy.
Such a powerful story. Our world needs more kindness.
Mr. Sedaris,
you are enchanting.

Christmas Ornaments

It was fun decorating for Christmas this year. We had given our artificial Christmas tree to Andrew and Kate and decided to try something a little different. We actually have two ‘trees’ and they involved some creativity. The first one I made with some sticks and wire. Pretty simple but it was fun to make.

I have added a few more ornaments since this picture.

The second one I tried to copy from a picture I had seen on the interweb years ago. I nagged our son Henry to build me the frame and he did. It is just two sticks of wood with some hinges and hooks. Three lighted pine garlands woven back and forth and the ornaments completed the look.

Joldersma Christmas Tree 2020

Our tree has never looked like those perfectly adorned specimens that would grace Martha Stewarts home but we like it. The ornaments mean something to us. They have interesting stories and wonderful memories all hanging from hooks on our tree.

Our daughter Shirley made these. So pretty.
When we were on a river cruise in Europe, a German craftsman handed out wooden trees. I coloured mine.
We used to share Christmas Day with my cousin Arlene and her family. When Arlene hosted we always had the most creative place card holders adorning the table. It was always fun to see how many we could steal off of the table to take home after the meal.

Many of our memories are tied up with our church family.

I made these years ago at Coffee Break
The girls made these at the girls club at church.
One of our most exciting Christmases was 1987 when Henry was born on Christmas morning. A lady from our church who taught all of our children Kindergarten gave us this memory maker.
I have a couple of friends who like to
make fun of the size of my purse.
From the wedding of Jordan and Alison who just had a new baby.
My friend Amy is an exceptional knitter. They live in Georgia now and we miss them.

May you enjoy the blessings of this season. Merry Christmas from Martin and Anita Joldersma

Confessions of a Street Walker – part 33

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last six years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

So we had a short taste of winter earlier this week. I confess that I didn’t like it. At least it did not stay. When I went to walk on Tuesday morning country roads that I wanted to be walking on were going to be too wet and slushy so I decided to walk closer to home.

Last year at this time I wrote out my name in the ‘mapmywalk’ app tracker so this week I tried to get a little more ambitious.

Didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to. For the top of the ‘H’ I was supposed to traipse through the middle of a park. I remembered for the first stick of the ‘H’ but for the second stick I forgot and walked down the street. This made my ‘H’ too wide and I had to lengthen the whole word. Then when I got to the ‘l’ a fence was in the way so I pressed pause, walked around the fence, and pressed resume. Otherwise my ‘l’ would have been wonky. When I got done I went to turn off the app so I could finish off the word but the phone just died before I could press ‘save’. Ahhh, panic set in. All that for nothing? It turns out that my Google Maps follows my walks too.

But it doesn’t always record distances quite as accurately.

from a walk a couple of weeks ago – not exactly my route

When I turned the phone back on the walk did get saved after all.

Now I confess that it might be fun to think of other words to write and then try to find applicable streets that allow the lettering to take place. I don’t know that it would be such a great idea to just walk through a stranger’s back yard and hop their fence all so I could make a more accurate ‘m’ but I think it will do for now.

Until next time.

Confessions of a Street Walker – part 32

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last six years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

Just because I have not posted here for a while does not mean that I have stopped walking. I have been wandering down rural Ancaster and Dundas roads. I am trying to get as many in as I can before the dreaded Canadian winter decends upon us. I do so enjoy the fall colours.

out in the ‘boonies’

Fall has definitely arrived and with its cooler temperatures. I get to wear a jacket which is kind of nice because of the pockets. I end up dragging quite a bit of stuff along on my walks and during the summer I use a sort of fanny pack that has a slot for my water bottle. It reminds me of the 1960’s Batman and his trusty Bat Utility Belt which held all sorts of things – from grappling hooks to climb buildings to his ever so useful Batarang. While I have not required either of those I do need a place for a Ziploc bag in case it rains, Kleenex, usually some dried apricots, my encouragement rocks, my car keys and my cell phone. On country roads I also wear a high-vis vest.

I do not plan on walking on the country roads when they are wet and for sure not when there is snow piled up. When I walk on the shoulder I have to be prepared for oncoming traffic (thankfully a whole lot less than the city). So I will retreat to the city sidewalks closer to home. I do have a few streets to do because I did not get them done the first time through because they had not been built yet. My walks of Binbrook, Mount Hope and Ancaster show evidence of future roads. Large machines chewing up fields getting the land ready for sewer lines and the rest of the things that go into building roads and houses.

Mount Hope is going to get bigger, methinks

Come with me while I walk down Paddy Green Road.

Powerline Road East yet unpaved.
Quite quiet and peaceful

Powerline Road East and then right onto Paddy Green where I walked southish until I got to Jerseyville Road. There were some pretty epic trees along Paddy Green.

love the spots where the trees from either side of the road create a tunnel
some of them are pretty stressed
some one must have decided to put a chunk of concrete in the growing tree

I saw a crop growing and didn’t know what it was. I took a picture and posted it to my Facebook page asking friends to help solve the mystery.

mystery crop

There were a few really good guesses but the mystery was solved when my husband’s cousin’s daughter said she actually knew the farmer and that the crop was horseradish. Who knew? I didn’t.

But now I do. And so do you.