A Puzzlin’ Post – 2020

Earlier I posted about the books that I read in 2020 but I also managed to put together a few jigsaw puzzles this year. Some were very basic that I did with grandchildren. Others were larger and sat on my puzzling table for weeks on end. I confess to being a Ravensburger Puzzle Snob. I only buy second hand puzzles and they are always Ravensburgers.

I take a picture of each completed puzzle picture and number and note missing pieces. This year I created a puzzle summary page for my family photo album.

The photo album is a bit thin this past year in part because of all of the events we were not allowed to celebrate. We had booked a European cruise with friends. Cancelled. We had been invited to Dirk and Grace’s anniversary. There was no Joldersma Cousins Day. Our youngest turned 30. My mom turned 80. We had a 40th wedding anniversary. Christmas. All things we were not allowed to gather for. So instead of memorable events I photographed each puzzle I finished.

Big or small, I took a picture of each one. Now some of them came with some of the pieces stuck together (woohoo) and some of them had missing pieces. Some of the pieces were so obvious and easy to find and others I just stared and stared looking for any place that I thought might work. It looks like my piece total for the year is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 26,000.

I started this one in November.
I suppose it will count for 2021

One of the puzzles I bought had a second puzzle included in the box. There was no picture but I did it anyway. It turned out to be the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle and I didn’t even count it in my total because it was not a Ravensburger. (See I told you I was a Ravensburger Snob)

I am part of a Jigsaw Puzzle Small Group hosted by a lovely lady from our church. We gather and puzzle about every three weeks. It is fun to work together on puzzles and we end up laughing a lot. We look forward to being able to gather once again, once it is declared safe to do so. Until then, happy puzzlin’.

Confessions of a Street Walker – part 32

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last six years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.

Just because I have not posted here for a while does not mean that I have stopped walking. I have been wandering down rural Ancaster and Dundas roads. I am trying to get as many in as I can before the dreaded Canadian winter decends upon us. I do so enjoy the fall colours.

out in the ‘boonies’

Fall has definitely arrived and with its cooler temperatures. I get to wear a jacket which is kind of nice because of the pockets. I end up dragging quite a bit of stuff along on my walks and during the summer I use a sort of fanny pack that has a slot for my water bottle. It reminds me of the 1960’s Batman and his trusty Bat Utility Belt which held all sorts of things – from grappling hooks to climb buildings to his ever so useful Batarang. While I have not required either of those I do need a place for a Ziploc bag in case it rains, Kleenex, usually some dried apricots, my encouragement rocks, my car keys and my cell phone. On country roads I also wear a high-vis vest.

I do not plan on walking on the country roads when they are wet and for sure not when there is snow piled up. When I walk on the shoulder I have to be prepared for oncoming traffic (thankfully a whole lot less than the city). So I will retreat to the city sidewalks closer to home. I do have a few streets to do because I did not get them done the first time through because they had not been built yet. My walks of Binbrook, Mount Hope and Ancaster show evidence of future roads. Large machines chewing up fields getting the land ready for sewer lines and the rest of the things that go into building roads and houses.

Mount Hope is going to get bigger, methinks

Come with me while I walk down Paddy Green Road.

Powerline Road East yet unpaved.
Quite quiet and peaceful

Powerline Road East and then right onto Paddy Green where I walked southish until I got to Jerseyville Road. There were some pretty epic trees along Paddy Green.

love the spots where the trees from either side of the road create a tunnel
some of them are pretty stressed
some one must have decided to put a chunk of concrete in the growing tree

I saw a crop growing and didn’t know what it was. I took a picture and posted it to my Facebook page asking friends to help solve the mystery.

mystery crop

There were a few really good guesses but the mystery was solved when my husband’s cousin’s daughter said she actually knew the farmer and that the crop was horseradish. Who knew? I didn’t.

But now I do. And so do you.

New Years Resolution – August


This month the movie choice was mine. Last month Jeff had chosen ‘Ex Machina’. It was an interesting movie with an unfortunate ending for our hero played by Domhnall Gleeson.

I decided that I would pick a movie with a fortunate ending for our hero played by Domhnall Gleeson.


At least I hoped it would be fortunate as I had not seen the movie but his face was of the cover and he was smiling. The movie was done by some of the same people who did ‘Nottinghill’ and ‘Love Actually’ so I was pretty optimistic that it would be a happy ending. During ‘Ex Machina’ I had not recognized Domhnall from his bit in Star Wars and still didn’t after watching this movie. (Oh, I guess that was because he was acting)

When Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is 21, his father (Bill Nighy) tells him a secret: The men in their family can travel through time. Although he can’t change history, Tim resolves to improve his life by getting a girlfriend. He meets Mary (Rachel McAdams), falls in love and finally wins her heart via time-travel and a little cunning. However, as his unusual life progresses, Tim finds that his special ability can’t shield him and those he loves from the problems of ordinary life.

When I decide to write about a movie I typically look up other reviews to see what others say. The problem is that what others have said is almost always way better than anything I could come up with.  Here are some observant bits:

” a time-travel fantasy that is basically ‘Groundhog Day’ with Brit accents, a nice-bloke hero and minus a rodent”

“To experience it, you just have to allow the analytical parts of your mind to unclench during the dodgier bits of business—all these pasty well-off people and their problems, oh woe is them!—and go with the feel-good flow.

Although not everyone concurs:

“Like a doggie in a window, this romcom relentlessly wags its tail so you’ll fall in love and take it home. Not this time, puppy. There’s nothing terribly wrong with About Time, it’s just that it rarely rises to its potential. After all, director Richard Curtis is the go-to guy for writing fluff with feeling.”

For me, the movie proved delightful and Domhnall has gained a fan.

Confessions of a Street Walker – part 20

It is possible that you have seen a rather peculiar woman walking around the streets of Hamilton over the last four years. If you have, I hope you gave a wave…because I am she.


Yesterday I managed to finish walking every street in lower Stoney Creek. The last street was the last part of a little cul-de-sac called Vanderwood Court (a bit of a nod to my Dutch heritage).  My transit map did not go to the farthest boundary so I added a piece of an old map to be sure that I had walked all the way to the Niagara Region.


A man and his son were on their front lawn watching and when I explained what I was doing they made sure that I got a picture taken.


I got to see some parts of Stoney Creek that I was not too familiar with:
-The Bur Oak on Cokers Road (see Confessions – part 16)
-Houses tucked up in the shadow of the escarpment
-That strange mystery bush on Reservoir Park Road (see Confessions – part 16)
-Fifty Point Conservation Area
-Beautiful homes looking out onto Lake Ontario and abandoned homes looking for someone with enough money to tear them down to make a bigger beautifuler houses
-Fruit businesses that were getting close to harvest time

I also walked past places that I have to put on my list to check out further as my walking project did not afford me the time to explore fully all of the interesting places that I passed by.
-Waterfalls and cascades that only seem to have access along trails
-Battlefield House – have not been inside yet
-Eco House on Ambrose – would love to work with them regarding The Soap Kitchen
-Josh Tiessen Gallery – Josh is a very talented painter. I have been a fan for many years.

I often parked at the Value Village on Queenston Road and would check it out when I finished walking. Or I would find a way to drop in on my way home. If I had a particularly long walk I would stop by the Denninger’s and get a ‘whistle dog’ for lunch. Yum.

I am hoping to have upper Stoney Creek done by the end of September although there are a few streets being built after I walked in that particular neighbourhood. I confess that I will have to do some hunting to catch them all. Most I have left is quite rural and I am enjoying those walks a lot. Looking forward to the next step.

Not another blog?

I already have a blog but it has become more like a Pinterest page – there is hardly any of my own writing. And I hardly post there anymore.

My intentions with this blog is that it be my writing. The good and the bad and the ugly of my writing. What can you expect to see? I really am not quite sure yet.  I am not well versed in computering and have basic skills at best. You may end up seeing the incredible lengths that I will go to to procrastinate. I am really quite good at procrastination. I consider myself a semi-professional procrastinator.

We will see how it goes.